Natina's story began in 2004 at a prestigious golf club in Palm Desert, California, where Brian Hardin, one of the co-founders of Natina, started his career in golf course construction and maintenance. Building on his family's legacy, who had been involved in the golf course business for three generations, Brian faced a daunting challenge. As the liaison between the golf course designer and general contractor, he was tasked with excavating half a million cubic yards of rock at the golf course.Initially, the plan was to replace the bright, gray excavated rock with decorative boulders to elevate the course's aesthetic appeal. However, the project encountered setbacks due to the high costs and logistical complexities. Undeterred, Brian and his colleague, Ed Foster, an agricultural technology specialist and manufacturing owner, set out on a quest to find an innovative solution. Their aim was to reuse the excavated rock and somehow darken its appearance, presenting a more cohesive and harmonious landscape for the golf course.

Driven by their determination, Brian and Ed embarked on a journey of research and scientific exploration. After several years of dedicated effort, they successfully introduced Natina to the market. Natina was originally developed for rock and later expanded our product line for use on concrete and then steel.

The distinctive, earthy brown color of Natina results from a natural reaction between our solutions and the elements found in nature. Our dedicated team applies Natina onsite for rock and concrete aesthetics. For galvanized steel, the metal is shipped to our Casa Grande, Arizona facility for processing. We strive to offer cost-effective solutions with a natural finish that is superior to alternatives such as powder coating, painting, or integral and stained concrete.

Natina is a rapidly growing construction company driven by a passion for blending small to large-scale commercial and industrial projects into their natural surroundings. We transform steel, rock, and concrete materials while enhancing the world around us. If you need information, a quote, or wish to schedule a webinar, we would be happy to assist you with your next project. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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