Meet Reza Hussain

Reza Hussain R&D Specialist

Natina Anniversary:
September 2020

Background: I graduated from the University of Southern California and Cal State Fullerton with degrees in chemistry. I have specialized in synthetic organic chemistry, bio-organic/inorganic chemistry, and materials/formulations chemistry. I have been an R&D chemist in academics and industry for over 15 years. I chose Natina because of the R&D progresses and developing new products in construction decorative coatings, and the outstanding and passionate Natina team.

Hometown: Lancaster, CA

Favorite Food: Thai, Italian (only when I make it), beef stews (Irish, English), Mideastern

Hobbies:I spend a lot of time outdoors, mainly AZ and CO, and dabble in gourmet fusion cuisine. I enjoy time with my family, friends, and cats. Yes. cats.