Check out the Natural Patina at the Grand Canyon

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We’re proud to be part of making Arizona a profitable and sustainable state. As a thriving business, we believe you can make a difference, even if it seems minuscule. The Grand Canyon National Park is a perfect example of this. Water slowly ran down the mountain creating an impressive and beautiful scenery. Natina’s eco-friendly products change the way you see construction one project at a time.

Did you know that Natina is the combination of words, natural and patina? It’s exactly what we are — a natural patina for rock, concrete, and steel. Natural patina in the Grand Canyon only took 6 million years to develop. The stunning, colorful views were worth the wait. Happy 100 year anniversary Grand Canyon National Park.

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Natina Natural Patina Grand Canyon

And today was an especially beautiful day in our national park. Photo taken by the Morey family on March 28, 20019





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