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April 2, 2019
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With thousands of construction companies to choose from in the U.S., finding a team that can build a structure for you can be easy. But sometimes you want more than just a building. If you really want to set your project apart from others, you should be working with companies that truly value your community. They can do this in several ways, from engaging the locals with fun events to beautifying everyday items that are normally unappealing to the eye. So where can you find construction companies that have both the desire and the ability to benefit local communities? You can start with this list of seven companies and projects that have found unique ways to give back to the people and places they’re working among.

Nature can be beautiful to look at, but it comes with certain dangers, such as rockfalls, landslides, and avalanches. Geobrugg understands this and reacted by formulating a range of systems that can protect people from these natural hazards all over the world. Each system uses high-tensile steel wire to create protection barriers that can stop flying debris in its tracks, thus improving the safety of tasks like tunneling, mining, or simply driving through a mountain highway.

Project NEON
If you have been to Las Vegas, Nevada since 2016, you might be familiar with a recent public works plan called Project NEON, which is behind the construction that’s taking place on Interstate 15 between Sahara Avenue and the downtown area. The project’s objective is to relieve traffic congestion in the area by widening and improving 3.7 miles of the freeway. This will not only reduce travel delays and improve access to downtown Las Vegas but also enhance air quality and overall safety. Additionally, the area will look sleeker and more streamlined. Considering that Las Vegas is known for having some beautiful design work—from awe-inspiring high-rises with glittering lights to gorgeous replicas of world-famous landmarks—it makes sense for Project NEON to incorporate aesthetics during construction. In this way, whether you live in Las Vegas or just like to visit, you’ll see the benefits of Project NEON the next time you’re on the improved stretch of Interstate 15.

With progress in a community often comes industrial and utilitarian construction, as more highways, bridges, and utility structures are built. With more shiny, gray metal or concrete, it can contrast with landscaping which can detract for the surrounding beauty. That’s where Natina comes in. This fast-growing company creates a product with the power to blend typically gray materials—including rock, concrete, and steel—into the surrounding environment by making them an earthy, brown color. The result is an environmentally-safe and aesthetically-pleasing way to add beauty to modern construction, such as highway guardrails, chain-link fences, and power poles. And when you choose Natina for your project, you get the expertise of a professional team that has been thoroughly trained in applying the product correctly, ensuring you get results you’ll admire for years. You can rest assured your questions will be answered quickly and your deadlines will be met when you work with Natina. This is a great color solution to consider when you want to enjoy modern construction without giving up the natural beauty that surrounds your community.

Grand Canalscape
Most Phoenix residents are familiar with the canal systems in Arizona, and many even live along with it. Such residents can look forward to the completion of the Grand Canalscape project, which will create almost 12 miles of trails along the Grand Canal between Tempe and Glendale. The goal of the project is to develop a safe, lighted trail for people to walk or ride bikes along, as there will even be crossing accommodations at major streets. But another big goal of the Grand Canalscape project is to integrate the canal and structures into the local communities through visually-appealing public art and safe trails, making it more of a focal point than just an essential waterway.

Kiewit has offered construction, engineering, and mining services for numerous projects across North America and Australia for years. From building roads and digging canals to mining and tunneling through mountains, Kiewit practically does it all. But more importantly, this company’s employees focus on safety, integrity, and ethics, no matter what kind of project they’re working on. And that attitude benefits the communities they’re building in just as much as the new structures themselves do.

CRH is North America’s biggest building materials company, so it’s no surprise that it’s been involved in a variety of projects, from the construction of bridges and highways to improvements on commercial and residential structures. But what sets CRH apart from competitors is its commitment to providing high-quality materials while also making local residents feel like family during projects. They frequently host community events in the cities they are building in. When you involve CRH in construction projects, it’s evident this company is proud to connect communities through the solid, safe highways, bridges and buildings that it helps get built.

Salt River Project (SRP)
More than two million Arizona residents know SRP as the utility company that provides them with electricity and power for their home or business. However, SRP doesn’t stop at utilities when it comes to benefiting the state. This company also provides a wide range of grants for education, arts and culture, and civic and environmental programs across Arizona. And of course, SRP is also known for its commitment to conserving natural resources and striving for sustainability. This company makes that clear through its plans for advancing the development of renewable energy, improving air quality, and managing water—all of which benefit Arizona as a whole.

While new construction projects often benefit the community, some just go a little farther than others, as you can see from these examples. So if you’re searching for ways to improve your community—from the residents to the environment—start by looking for companies that proudly display their values as these businesses do.



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