Get a Glimpse of How We Use Natina to Beautify Steel Structures

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August 7, 2019
Natina’s New Mission Statement Emphasizes Commitment to Construction Projects
Natina’s New Mission Statement Emphasizes Commitment to Construction Projects
February 12, 2020

Get a Glimpse of How We Use Natina to Beautify Steel Structures

Natina Color Solutions Infographics

If you’re familiar with Natina’s work, you might know this unique color solution first got its start as a natural way to color and blend in rock. But once we saw its value as an environmentally-safe color treatment for additional materials, we quickly expanded its use to concrete and steel as well. While we’ve had numerous successful projects in which we used our color solutions to improve the aesthetics of rock and concrete, we’d like to take a moment to focus on our steel projects today.

The infographic on the left will take you through some of our favorite projects that required the use of Natina Steel Solution, from the California coastline to the Arizona desert and more! As you browse our infographic, you’ll likely find that you’ve driven right past some of the projects we’re proud to have worked on. You will see our steel solution is perfect for everything from highway guardrails and chain-link fencing to traffic signals and transmission towers. Take a look at what makes Natina stand out and then browse the details on some of our favorite projects!

Why Use Natina Steel Solution?

When our clients come to us for help, they usually have the goal of turning industrial looking metal surfaces into aesthetically-pleasing components that blend in beautifully with nature. In most cases, the surrounding environment is made up of earth tones, so shiny, gray steel simply doesn’t fit. However, when our team applies the steel solution to galvanized metal, all that changes. Suddenly, what was once a stark contrast compared to the natural surroundings, now blends in perfectly!

This is because Natina Steel Solution takes gray steel and gives it a rustic, mottled brown finish. The end result is mostly dark brown, with interesting hints of medium brown that pop up throughout. Better still, the stunning finish will last for years, since Natina Steel Solution does not fade, crack or peel even after constant exposure to sunlight.

That’s good news, because as you’ll see in the infographic, we’ve been involved with many projects where the steel is bombarded by sunlight all day! From the chain link fencing at the American Family Fields of Phoenix, to the metal fencing at the nearby Phoenix Zoo’s Warty Pig Exhibit, it’s clear that our clients need a long-lasting, environmentally safe formula for steel structures of all kinds.

These are just some of our favorite projects where we applied Natina Steel Solution. Have you seen any of them in person? If so, let us know what you think! And if you’re part of a commercial company with any type of steel structure you’d like to beautify with a natural brown finish, please contact us to find out more. Keep in mind that when you work with Natina, you don’t just get the benefits of our product. You also get great service from an experienced team that is passionate about the product and knowledgeable about applying it to galvanized steel. Feel free to learn more about our steel color solution here, and look further into some of the Natina Steel Solution projects here

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