How Natina Can Help Energy Structures Blend in with Nature

Natina’s New Mission Statement Emphasizes Commitment to Construction Projects
Natina’s New Mission Statement Emphasizes Commitment to Construction Projects
February 12, 2020
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March 9, 2021

Energy substations may be essential for providing people with electrical power in modern life, but they’re not exactly visually appealing. After all, the gray galvanized steel tends to stand out against the backdrop of nature, whether that consists of a forest or desert. That’s why Natina makes energy projects—including transmission towers— aesthetically pleasing! We’re proud to offer the perfect color solutions the power industry might feature, from galvanized steel to concrete or even rock. So if you like the idea of naturalizing your jobsite, take a look at how Natina can help.

Reactive Color Treatment for Three Different Materials

At Natina, we’ve developed separate solutions for steel, concrete, and rock, and we can use all of them on the same project. Of course, most energy construction is largely made of steel, in which case we can apply Natina Steel Solution to the gray, shiny metal to make it a stunning brown that blends in with nature—as you can see in the before/after photo from an artist rendition (actual results will differ based on material). As you look at the energy structure, note how well the Natina brown finish complements the natural background and how stark the untreated substation appears. The finish makes it less likely that the public will notice the utility as they pass. Not only does the site look better, the rustic finish does not alter or damage the galvanized layer, ensuring that the substation stays strong enough to keep providing energy to the community for years to come.

Natina Rock color solution APS Pinnacle Peak
Gabion wall with Natina on rock and steel in Arizona

And if your utility project also features rock, you’ll need Natina Rock Solution. This reactive color treatment was specially made to combine with minerals to produce a range of brown hues—from tan to mahogany. Whether the rock on your transmission plans was locally sourced or excavated, Natina Rock Solution will gradually transform so it blends in with its natural surroundings.

Outstanding Service from Well-Trained Professionals

When you work with Natina to beautify your energy stations, you’re not only getting a high-quality product, but also the help of professionals who will work hard to achieve the stunning results you’re after. At Natina, our team understands that you want to provide members of the community with the power they need from your utility companies, but you don’t want to detract from the beauty of nature. That’s why we’re happy to work with you closely at every step, from the exploratory kickoff call discussing the products you need, to the application of Natina and eventual completion of the project.

Along the way, our teammates will communicate with you to ensure your structures complement their surroundings, rather than contrast with them. So, if you need a natural, low-maintenance way to improve the color and appearance of steel, concrete, rock—or all three!—please contact Natina to get started on your transmission project.

Natina Rock color solution APS Pinnacle Peak


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