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El Dorado County in California Uses Natina to Color Wall Parapet and Guardrail to Complement Lake Tahoe’s Beauty

Natina Steel Solution applied to guardrail at Echo Summit in the Lake Tahoe Region

Natina Steel Solution applied to guardrail at Echo Summit in the Lake Tahoe Region


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in conjunction with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and C.C. Myers, Inc. (general contractor) completed work on the Highway 50, Echo Summit Wall Parapet* Replacement and Water Quality Improvement Project (Contract Number 03-1E14U4). They replaced the existing 18-inch rock wall at a scenic viewpoint in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The barrier wall, originally built in 1939 and located in El Dorado County from Echo Summit eastbound to Johnson Pass Road, was deteriorating due to wear over time.

Since the existing rock parapet and the associated retaining wall are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, TRPA required that special measures were taken to maintain the aesthetics of the current structures and surrounding areas. For instance, the new barrier was required to mimic the original wall in color and texture — although some modifications to the new design were needed for motorist safety to preserve its visual characteristics.

Guardrail before it was treated at Echo Summit in the Lake Tahoe Region

Guardrail before it was treated with Natina Steel Solution at Echo Summit in the Lake Tahoe Region

To accomplish this, the new barrier design used elastomeric formliner to match the previous barrier wall. The new barrier now replicates the shape, colors and pattern of the historic parapet to the greatest practical extent while meeting motorist safety requirements. Steps, like these, taken to preserve the region are appreciated by visitors and residents alike who enjoy the lake year-round.

Another enhancement was to replace old guardrail with a new metal guardrail and apply Natina Steel Solution. Natina was specified for its mottled and rustic brown finish on the otherwise shiny galvanized guardrails and end terminals. Natina Steel Solution is an environmentally-safe formula and was applied to metal surfaces at the Lake Tahoe Region including but not limited to: guardrails, steel posts, signposts, culvert and mile markers, grates and isolation casings. Natina’s beautiful brown finish blends and complements with Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty. The rustic brown guardrails look great.

General Contractor: C.C. Myers, Inc.

Agencies: Caltrans and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA)

Uses: Rustic brown color for galvanized surfaces

* Parapet is a low wall or railing to protect the edge of a platform, roof, or bridge (source: Merriam-Webster)

Natina Steel Solution applied to galvanized metal along the highway at Echo Summit in the Lake Tahoe Region

Natina Steel Solution applied to galvanized metal along the highway in the Lake Tahoe Region

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