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September 18, 2023
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Ah, the holidays! ‘Tis the season for joy, festivities, and … project management headaches for construction companies. Juggling work commitments with family gatherings and vacations can send productivity plummeting faster than Santa down a chimney. But with strategic planning and thoughtful management, you can keep your construction crew motivated during the holiday hustle.

7 Strategies to Keep Your Crew in Happy and in High Gear

1. Arrange a Holiday Work Team

Excavator in Orange on Snowy Ground

Photo by Lena Sjö via Pexels

We all need a little time to decompress, so embrace the holiday spirit with a team-building twist! Instead of all hands on deck, strategize and designate specific teams for holiday duty. Not every worker needs to be at the construction site during this festive season.

Give everyone an early heads-up on scheduling, allowing time for planning and building camaraderie. For team building, boost morale and keep spirits high with workplace celebrations. Think luncheons, team dinners, and a dash of gratitude. Taking a breather from work shows your crew some love and fosters a sense of loyalty.

Natina Crew Members at Team Building Event

Some of our Natina crew!

2. Avoid Holiday Headaches by Simplifying Tasks

Don’t make construction tasks as complicated as figuring out how to bake a holiday fruitcake that won’t end up in the trash. Plan efficiently and tackle straightforward tasks until the new year. Better yet, incorporate a project management tool, such as Microsoft Planner or Basecamp, to streamline tasks. Keep distractions at bay, and remember that everyone should only have as much work as they can handle.




3. Manage Client Expectations

Let clients know what’s up during the holiday season. Know your capacity and maybe even over-deliver, ensuring them the project will sleigh — ahem, stay — on schedule. A bit of transparency goes a long way.

4. Be Reasonable with Construction Crew Management

Best practices for the holidays: Recognize the challenges, ditch the excessive demands, offer some flexible hours, recognize efforts, and prioritize your crew’s well-being. A happy worker is a productive worker!

And you know the people who want to do “just one more thing” before they go home at night? Be the voice of reason for them. Remind them to go home, spend some time with their loved ones and get some rest.

Construction worker carrying an industrial pipe

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5. Offer Flexible Time

If possible, implement flexible hours to give your crew a breather during the holiday madness. Encourage smart planning with project management tools, ensuring tasks get done while leaving room for some festive fun.

6. Minimize Demands, Maximize Perks

Overtime? Keep it chill. Minimize extra hours. If overtime’s a must, sweeten the deal with extra perks or higher pay. Happy workers mean happy projects.





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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

7. Have a Charitable Mission

Encourage your team to focus on the true spirit of giving by incorporating a charitable mission into your holiday activities. Consider supporting initiatives such as the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, organizing a food drive, or adopting a family in need.

By giving back to the community, your team can make a meaningful impact. Not only does this align with the season of giving, but it also fosters a sense of unity and goodwill among your construction crew, making the holidays even more special.

Unwrap Success During the Holidays

Managing construction during the holidays might sound like navigating a construction crane through a snowstorm, but these seven strategies can make it smooth sailing. Strike the perfect balance between productivity and holiday cheer with thoughtful planning, open communication, and a supportive approach.

We’re happy to help with your project any time of year, whether it’s during the holidays or after. So, when you’re ready to start planning your next construction project, contact us!

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