Natina’s New Mission Statement Emphasizes Commitment to Construction Projects

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April 2, 2020
Natina’s New Mission Statement Emphasizes Commitment to Construction Projects

At Natina, we’ve spent years adding beauty to commercial construction projects by applying our environmentally-safe color solution to rock, concrete, and galvanized steel. It’s through these experiences that we’ve started crafting the kind of mission statement we want to commit to. Our team’s purpose is stronger than ever before, and we decided it was time to set it in stone. This gives us a bold and simple way to sum up our objectives as we begin every project. Here’s a look at what our mission statement means to us and how we take great care to apply it to our projects.

What Our Mission Statement Means

Our mission statement is: “Construction will leave its mark. Natina will minimize it.”

Our color treatments provide solutions for the world around us. We are inspired by nature and driven by aesthetics. Together in this mission, we will change the way you see construction.

We’re big fans of the construction industry, but we do realize our field leaves an imprint on the planet. Whether you’re constructing a building or paving a new road, you’re going to generate, change or modify something along the way.

The Natina team out in the field.

How We Live Out Our Mission Statement

Natina’s goal is to beautify, blend and complement components of commercial construction. We do everything possible to ensure modern conveniences—from transmission towers to chain-link fences—don’t distract the eye from the beauty of nature, and maybe even enhance it. Now our mission statement puts our commitment in writing, we can keep it in mind with every project—helping us strategize as a team from start to finish.

What that means for us depends on the project. For example, it might involve working with designers that align with our mission. Or adding our Natina Steel Solution to bright, shiny structures so they no longer stand out against the picturesque backdrop of nature—like we did for Lions Park in Moab, Utah. The result was a natural, rustic look for the steel barrier system, ensuring it blended in beautifully with its natural surroundings. We completed a similar process for the cable barrier system project and the warty pig exhibit at the Phoenix Zoo.

We also live out our mission statement by our Natina Rock Solution being specified in major projects that require the rocks to be an earthy brown hue. When we apply our environmentally-safe solution to rocks—as we did in the South Mountain Trail in Phoenix, Arizona—our product turns the bright gray surface into a natural brown. This way, we’re able to color existing rock instead of bringing in new rock that matches the surroundings–minimizing our impact on the environment.

Natina Production Crew at Salt River Fields
Natina Production crew prepping the metal before Natina Steel Application.

Finally, our Natina Concrete Solution has the power to positively affect the planet, as well. Like all the Natina solutions, this treatment reacts with the minerals in the concrete to turn the surface brown. And that’s exactly what happened when we helped the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) with the Peaks to Plains Trail, which involved our team beautifying the concrete along six miles of paved trails—assisting in protecting as many natural resources as possible.

Whether we’re working on steel, rock, or concrete, our products include elements you would find in the earth and contain only eco-friendly ingredients — it does not contain harmful chemicals. And as our new mission statement promises, our team will keep thinking about ways to reduce our impact as the construction industry continues to evolve and expand!

Rock, Concrete and Steel Reactive Color Treatment
Production Crew spraying Natina at a job site.


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