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Welcome to this mesh sesh — a conversation about the importance of wire mesh and its metal counterpart, chain-link.



Chain-link is a well-known form of fencing, but are you familiar with its mesh counterpart? Wire mesh serves many purposes, including:

  • Rockfall netting is a mesh frequently draped over cliffs. As the name suggests, it’s all about keeping rocks (and other debris) from falling onto roadways.
  • Gabion is another form of woven steel, often used cosmetically in landscaping. You’ll also find it used for supportive reasons (retaining walls, etc.).
  • Welded wire mesh is a close-knit, firm material used in holding areas (veterinary clinics and shelters, storage lockers, warehouse racking, etc.).
  • Welded steel bar grating is frequently found in construction. This includes safety walls, storm drains, walkways, and other areas where load bearing is necessary.
  • Galvanized wire mesh is a go-to in security, building, and agriculture, as it’s extremely durable and available in numerous weave patterns.


Gabion Wire Mesh

Chain-link and wire mesh are widely used because of their durability, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable. Weather, extreme temperatures and everyday use can wear these materials down over time. This is where Natina Solutions comes into play.

Not only does Natina Steel Solution transform metal aesthetically, it’s also environment-friendly without any VOC’s. Take a look at just a few of the recent examples where Natina proved the ideal solution, creating wire to admire:


Nevada Division of State Parks Chain-Link

Nevada Division of State Parks

Abracadabra! Just like that, Natina transformed the chain-link into a rustic brown patina. Even at a short distance, against a desert backdrop, it’s virtually invisible.





Bunkerville Chain Link Fence

Bunkerville Bicycle & Pedestrian Trail

Located between the cities of Bunkerville and Mesquite, Nevada, this pathway gets HOT. Good thing the chain-link lining the trail is coated with Natina Steel Solution, a low-maintenance option that blends in seamlessly with the terrain.



Natina-Coated Gabion from South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park/Preserve

With more than 50 miles of trails, this Arizona park is one of the largest city-managed parks in the United States. As a result, preserving such a massive area is no small feat. Phoenix looked to Natina for the gabion mattresses along the San Juan. The tan color matches the light desert sand nicely. The 3,000 square feet of Natina-coated gabion in this area controls erosion and stabilizes the roadway. Clearly, this South Mountain solution is right on point!




California Highway Chain-link Fence

California Highway Fence

You’ll have to do a double-take if you hope to see the chain-link fence along Toll Road 241. The Transportation Corridor Agencies opted for the low-cost option of Natina Steel Solution over vinyl and powder-coated fencing. Clearly, the great outdoors won’t be taking a toll on this fencing!



American Family Fields of Phoenix Galvanized Fence

American Family Fields of Phoenix

This project was a triple hitter, with steel posts, gates, and chain-link among the processed materials. As a result, the recent renovation of this famous ballpark (home to Milwaukee Brewers spring training) includes galvanized fencing, colored by Natina, which blends in with the rest of the stadium’s home-run landscaping.





Ketchum Challis Highway Mesh

Ketchum Challis Highway

When you’re covering miles of terrain and millions of square feet of wire mesh, you want a product that will last. The Natina Steel stain used proved to be the Ketchum catchall.






Natina Chain Link Production


Yes, Natina offers the ultimate disappearing act, camouflaging metal surfaces, but here’s the real magic — it’s more than just a blending solution. Our Natina Reactive Color is non-toxic and is a low-maintenance solution! We hope this look at wire leaves you inspired. As you plan your next project, contact your Natina Solution representative and discover how we can weave even more life and beauty into your design.



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