Six Reasons We’re Celebrating this Spring

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Can you believe we’re already gearing up for Q2? This year is flying by. Feeling inspired by spring, we’d like to celebrate growth with a look at six accomplishments. Won’t you join us? But first, how about a quick flick to get this soiree underway?

1. Extreme Makeover: LABEL Edition

One of the most significant changes we’ve seen is the rebranding of our Natina Rock Solution, Concrete Solution and Steel Solution packaging. The fresh designs beautifully complement the modern look and feel of Natina, including our logo and brand colors, while the inclusion of photos helps differentiate our unique solutions.

The result: A more consistent brand appearance and experience!

Natina Label Rebranding

2. This is a Test

Where 2020 ushered in new, much-needed equipment for our field team (a Genie Lift and a RAM 4500), 2021 did the same for our internal Research and Development (R&D) team. We added an R&D lab, equipped with various analytical instrumentation. This helps us test current and future products for color continuity, corrosion and stability. In 2022, we are continuing our rigorous testing and processes while optimizing our solutions.

The result: The ability to continue delivering high-quality results and enhancements for all projects we take on.

New Natina Equipment

3. Go with the Flow

The path to improvement continued at our facility in Casa Grande, AZ, which recently received an extensive overhaul. Newly-added

truck paths were created and the area was leveled to reorganize our internal and external flow of projects. Plus, we added a new custom security fence and are in the process of revamping our roadside landscaping early this year.

The result: A more streamlined, productive working environment.

Natina Facility in Casa Grande, AZ


4. Keep On Keeping On

We look back with pride at the many projects completed over the past 12 months. Helping rip rap blend into its surroundings at a Flagstaff golf course and giving a natural mottled brown look to a steel fence around an Idaho substation, to name just a couple. Which Natina accomplishment stands out as your most memorable?

The result: Momentum to do even more to better our environment in the coming months!

Natina Reactive Treatment Projects

5. Gotta Support the Team

To keep up with the increase in demand for our services, we have more teammates than ever helping our clients and customers get the results they want for their steel, rock and concrete surfaces. Additionally, several teammates were recently promoted due to their stellar efforts. Growing our team is a trend we intend to continue as the year goes on.

The result: A robust team, working together to exceed our customer needs and expectations when it comes to minimizing visual impact on construction projects.

Natina California Crew Holiday Edition

6. Something BIG!

Okay, so we realize dollars and cents aren’t always popular topics of conversation, but we aren’t ones to shy away from the unconventional. Especially when it’s to report… OUR BEST YEAR YET! That’s right, while 2021 was our highest-performing year to date for both growth and revenue, we’re headed to surpass that growth this year. Great things are happening!

Natina Crew Working at Casa Grande Facility

“I am proud to see how Natina has continued to grow and am thankful for our many accomplishments. We owe such success to our amazing clients and team. I’d like to thank Tandy and Ryan for spearheading the initiatives Natina has needed.” —Brian Hardin, Natina CEO and Founder


All in all, we’d say 2022 is off to an outstanding start, and we have our clients, customers and teammates to thank! Pausing to spotlight our accomplishments leaves us refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the year. We can’t wait to see where things go from here! Natina Steel Solutions is excited to continue collaborating with both new and returning clients to deliver superior end products. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can take your project to new heights, or if you just want to check out some of our previous work, feel free to browse our project’s page.



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