Double Feature employee of the month for May and June: Jose and Chris

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Double Feature employee of the month for May and June: Jose and Chris

We are proud of both Jose and Chris for their amazing work with Natina.

Natina is featuring two standout employees for May and June. Read about how they are making a difference.

Jose and Chris - Natina Employee of the Month













Jose Manriquez

Teammate since June 2016

Jose has been recognized as employee of the month for many reasons. He has come to be one of our most dependable teammates and takes a tremendous amount of pride in the company. He familiarized himself with all aspects of production at the facility. With over two years of Natina experience, Jose has stepped up; he delegates and leads the team in times of need. We have grown to rely on Jose to help train new employees and provide feedback on their progress. Jose is outgoing and is eager to help anybody at any time. Additionally Jose assisted on the mechanical side of our business. He repaired several pieces of the equipment which saved Natina valuable production time.

Jose said one of the main reasons he enjoys working at Natina, is the amazing team of people. He stated the whole team has a positive attitude about getting the job done and comes together to accomplish goals. Jose values the relationship he has developed between him and members of management and appreciates the mutual respect that is shown. Lastly, Jose loves that the entire team can joke and laugh without anybody taking things too seriously.

While outside of work, spending time with his family and his three sons is of the upmost importance to Jose. He also enjoys working on home improvement projects and making sure that his house and yard look nice. He prides himself on being able to help friends and family members with automotive repairs and is always eager to help someone in need. Jose is also planning on taking a much needed and overdue, relaxing camping and fishing trip, later this year.

Overall, Jose is the epitome of an invaluable team member. He gets along with everyone and is highly respected amongst his peers. Congratulations on being Natina’s employee of the month!

Chris Miguel

Teammate since August 2017

Chris was an easy choice for employee of the month because he takes pride in his work and genuinely cares about Natina’s end result. Chris thinks outside of the box and looks for more efficient ways  to do things at our facility. He developed new spraying methods for the Natina application and is our go-to teammate for training new hires in proper application techniques. Chris has a great attitude and gets along with his team and management. Chris is outgoing and likes to have fun with the team while working, which helps to keep the morale high.

One of the main reasons he enjoys working at Natina — is the people. He said the team works well together and everybody gets along great. He commented on how well the operations manager gets along with the team which makes for a better work environment. Chris enjoys learning and understanding how Natina works and watching projects transition from start to finish.

In his free time, Chris spends time with his kids and his girlfriend — they are his top priority. Whether relaxing at home, watching movies or taking a day trip to enjoy the outdoors, Chris’ family is everything. Together they enjoy camping, fishing and being outside together. Chris also enjoys going to the gym and working out to stay in shape.

Chris is a wonderful addition to our team. Thank you for contributing to Natina and our mission. Cheers for a well-deserved employee of the month.


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