How Jose Keeps Natina Running

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How Jose Keeps Natina Running

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Congratulations Jose to your recent promotion to Maintenance Coordinator.

The continued success of Natina is not accomplished by a sole individual, but rather the collaborative efforts of the whole team. As Natina continues to grow and evolve, sometimes it means new roles that never existed become necessary. As new equipment is acquired and existing needs servicing, the need for a “Maintenance Coordinator” had become vital. Leadership determined that Jose Manriquez was the ideal candidate for this position. Jose is a respected senior teammate among his peers and has been the go-to employee for concerns regarding any and all equipment or facility repairs and maintenance. Jose is well versed in the world of Natina and has worked on very large, prominent projects, such as: Project Neon in Las Vegas, Milwaukee Brewers Training Field, and most recently, new animal enclosures at The Phoenix Zoo.

“Jose has been with the company for nearly 4 years and has grown into an invaluable member of our team. His willingness to go above and beyond on a regular basis, along with the great amount of pride that he takes in the company is truly appreciated. Jose has taken it upon himself to become familiar with our equipment and research parts/repairs to ensure that if something goes down, he can get our team back up and running as quickly as possible. Jose has become a mentor for the rest of the team, when it comes to all aspects of our equipment, while still being one of our most valuable senior employees in the yard and field. This promotion has been hard-earned and well deserved,” said operations manager, Mike Blair.

We appreciate Jose and sees that he takes great pride in his work, is extremely reliable, and plays a large role in Natina’s culture. Congratulations Jose on your new role! We’re excited to see where this position evolves to next.

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