Supporting those affected by the devastating wildfires in California

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Supporting those affected by the devastating wildfires in California

California was plagued by the nation’s deadliest wildfires in a century. While officially contained, we wanted to do our part and help those directly affected by the wildfires. Natina, like so many, has clients and partners directly impacted by this destructive fire. We send our deepest thoughts to those that have lost so much during this time.

Brian Hardin, Natina’s owner, is providing some relief to the cause with the help of the American Red Cross. The Red Cross is providing shelter, food and comfort to those impacted by these fires.

“The wildfires in California are heartbreaking and devastating. As some of you might know, I am originally from California and have employees, partners and clients in the area. I wanted to make a difference to those affected. At Natina in addition to our thoughts during this hard time, we have donated $500 to the American Red Cross. We hope the Red Cross’ efforts will provide relief to those impacted.” — Brian Hardin, Natina Owner

To show your support, donate to the American Red Cross.

Brian Hardin, Natina Owner, quote about the wildfires in California

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