What is the best career advice?

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What is your best career advice

Hear from our leadership team on what helped their career and what continues to move them forward.

No matter where you are in your career, the advice is always good. Hearing what has helped others propel their career, can motivate yours as well. Our leadership team has given their best career advice. Read their thoughts below.

Brian Hardin, Owner 

As a business owner, you are always finding ways to make your company better. It’s hard to narrow down just one, so here are the top three pieces of advice I have: You need to believe in hard work, and not just have a 9 to 5 mentality. Be passionate and have passion in what you are doing every day. Be all in since quitting is not an option. Make it happen.

Tandy Chaparro, General Manager 

I have had an amazing mentor throughout my career who helped me grow both professionally and personally.  I believe, having a mentor who knows you well and that can give you advice and perspective when you need it most, is instrumental in career growth.  This is the person that will celebrate your successes, help you recover from your failures, and tell you the hard truths when necessary.  Finding your way on your career path is much easier when you are not alone.

Ryan Morey, Vice President of Business Development 

I am constantly reading books or articles and listening to podcasts which helps me learn and progress. What stands out to me (I have a huge list) for career advice, is to be present in your current activity, be productive and focused on what you want to accomplish and be positive in what you are doing and what others believe in. You can make an impact.

Mike Blair, Operations Manager 

Don’t let money dictate your career path. We spend a third of our lives at work; don’t let it be a dreadful, meaningless process. Find a career where you can earn enough to provide for your family and enjoy life while feeling valued and taking pride in what you do. When you don’t resent your career choice every single day of your life, you’ll feel healthier, your relationships will be stronger, and waking up in the morning is much more gratifying.

Learning, living and leading

Our advice could be reminders of what you have heard in the past or new thoughts that can help your journey — either way, we hope our insights influenced you today. Here at Natina, we hope you live and work with passion and exploration.

Brian Hardin and Ryan Morey

Brian, owner, and Ryan, Vice President of Business Development, at the job site.



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