75-Foot Natina-treated Transmission Poles Arrive in North Scottsdale

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75-foot Transmission Pole with Natina Transmission Pole and a Power Line with Natina Transmission Pole and three Power Lines with Natina Close Up shot of Transmission Pole with Natina Transmission Pole Close View with Natina Natina Transmission Pole in a Parking Area Natina finish on Transmission Pole Transmission Pole with Natina on a clear day Rustic Brown Transmission Pole with Natina Natina Transmission Pole Close Up View Cactus in a Scottsdale, Arizona Desert

APS has undertaken an ambitious project to enhance the existing Downing Substation, aiming to update and expand the power infrastructure in the breathtaking North Scottsdale, Arizona area. With a dual focus on improving power transmission to residents and preserving the region's scenic landscape, meticulous measures were implemented to ensure minimal environmental impact and community disruption.

The project entails meticulous planning, rigorous adherence to safety protocols, and the integration of Natina. Our specialized solution imparts a natural rustic finish to the 75-foot transmission poles, seamlessly blending them into the surrounding landscape. Through thorough site preparation, efficient pole erection, and precise conductor installation, APS ensures a resilient electricity supply while upholding the captivating aesthetic allure of North Scottsdale.

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