ADOT US 40 Cut Slope Restoration

Photo of Concrete Staining
APS Pinnacle Peak Gabion Wall and Metal Fence
May 30, 2018
Stained Steel Railing by Natina
Coronado, CA – Guardrail
May 30, 2018

During highway construction, often you need to cut into hillsides to expand or build lanes of traffic. When the upper surface of the rock face is removed, the parent material is revealed. This rock surface is typically much lighter than the original rock. The resulting construction scar can be unsightly and remain this color for decades.

Natina Rock Solution was the answer for Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and the US 40 project. Natina naturally reacts with the minerals in the rock and speeds up the oxidation process. Natina is applied and the color blends into the existing oxidized rock in a few weeks. All our solutions are natural, environmentally safe and non-toxic.

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