Bermuda Dunes with Natina Concrete Solution

Mountain Loop Landscape Project by Natina
Mountain Loop Project
April 19, 2018
Natina Products Silver Rock Concrete Wall Staining Project
Silverrock Wall Project with Natina Concrete and Fence
April 19, 2018

In Bermuda Dunes, CA, Natina was used to transform the color of concrete blocks from a plain gray to a rich, natural brown. This color change not only complements the surrounding landscape but also enhances curb appeal. Natina's solution is an excellent, low-maintenance option. Additionally Natina is more cost-effective than integral or stained concretes. For projects seeking to blend concrete naturally with their environment while being budget-friendly, Natina offers the ideal solution. Discover how Natina can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your project by contacting us today.

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