Capturing the Spirit of Surfing: Hobie Memorial’s Bronze Statue and Natina Color Solution

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Hobie Memorial’s Bronze Statue with Natina Hobie Memorial’s Bronze Statue Front View Close up with Hobie Signage with Natina Treatment Hobie Logo Signage Close View with Natina Full view with Hobie Signage with Natina Treatment Dana Point walkway in California

The Hobie monument in Dana Point, California, results from collaborative efforts spanning over four years. The sculpture aims to honor the legacy of Hobie Alter, the renowned surfboard and sailboat inventor. The heart of the memorial is a bronze statue titled "Hobie Riding the Wave of Success," created by local artists Lance Jost and Bill Limebrook.

One notable feature of the memorial is the treatment of the Hobie logo using a color technique called Natina. This reactive color treatment gives the logo a weathered and aged appearance. Using Natina, the Hobie logo on the statue achieves a distinct patina that adds depth and character to the artwork.

Located next to the pedestrian bridge that connects Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to Doheny State Beach, the sculpture and its surrounding plaza and bridge serve as a significant landmark and visual gateway to the city. Dana Point holds a special place in Hobie Alter's history, where he first shaped and sold surfboards. The area also witnessed the birth of Surfer magazine and the renowned surf break known as Killer Dana.

With the use of Natina to treat the Hobie logo, the Hobie memorial statue not only pays homage to Alter's pioneering spirit but also showcases innovative artistic techniques that enhance the visual appeal and authenticity of the sculpture.

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