Case Study: Natina Enhances Aesthetics in the Arizona Mountains with 3,000 Feet of Chain-link Fence

Santa Barbara Fernald Point Bridge with Natina Finish
October 25, 2023


Set against the backdrop of an Arizona mountain range in the Phoenix area, a unique project emerged—blending modern construction with respect for a Native American burial ground. The objective was to secure this area while preserving the area's natural and cultural significance.


The requirement to select materials that would provide security and complement the landscape for a low maintenance solution. Most importantly, do not attract attention to the area and honor the sacredness of the burial ground.

Natina's Role:

Natina's expertise in delivering eco-friendly and visually appealing solutions for galvanized steel surfaces helped make an easy decision for the designers. Our role was to enhance the aesthetics of the security installation, ensuring that the final product would seamlessly blend with the natural backdrop.


The project's designer worked closely with a skilled installer to bring this vision to life. The designer and installer meticulously implemented the project, adhering to the cultural and environmental guidelines, including establishing a five-foot buffer zone from the marked areas. Our team at Natina worked in tandem with them, focusing on the aesthetic aspect. We provided our signature Natina rustic brown finish for the over 3,000 feet of chain-link fence, ensuring it matched the preserve's beauty.


The project successfully met its goals. The security perimeter was established without compromising the landscape's integrity or the burial ground's sanctity. The Natina-treated fence received accolades for its ability to blend security needs with environmental and cultural respect, maintaining the area's natural aesthetics. Natina's involvement in the Arizona mountain preserve project underscores our commitment to providing aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly solutions that respect and enhance natural and cultural environments.

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