New Chain Link Finish at the Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training Facility

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American Family Fields of Phoenix, which the Milwaukee Brewers call home during spring training, was recently renovated. Natina colored the galvanized fences into a rustic brown to blend with the stadium’s landscaping. Their affiliate company, West Coast Turf, supplied and installed new natural turfgrass sod and sprigs to the stadium.

HKS recommended Natina to color the stadium fence into an aged, rustic brown. They needed a low maintenance alternative to paint or vinyl coating fences. As you enter the stadium, you pass the Natina-colored steel materials. As a major focal point, it was important to have a natural color that blended well with the stadium backdrop. Additionally, the Natina finish perfectly complemented the vegetation and landscaping for a natural look around the plant life.

For this project, our team applied Natina Steel Solution to the metal fences around the fields, expertly processing more than 2200 linear feet of galvanized chain-link fences, posts, top and bottom rails, hardware and components.

Most of the fencing you see around the fields are the direct result of Natina’s hard work. Natina’s owner, Brian Hardin, said “We were specified to take ordinary gray fence and color it to complement the stadium for a more natural look. As with all our projects, we wanted the Milwaukee Brewers’ Spring Training Facility to look its best.”

Another big player in the renovation of the Milwaukee Brewers’ spring training facility was West Coast Turf, which installed the sod and stolons at the stadium. Specialists in sports turf, this company has had its high-quality turfgrass featured at eight Super Bowls over the years, earning the name “Home of the Super Bowl Sod.” So, it’s no surprise that Matt Ramirez, director of groundskeeping at the stadium, recommended West Coast Turf to provide natural turfgrass for this project after seeing the results of the past work done on Chase Field.

John Marman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at West Coast Turf, explained, “We’re known in the industry for providing a premium product without cutting corners, and the majority of our almost 30 years has been with an outstanding team. We have the experience necessary for great results.” For this project, West Coast Turf used Tifway 419 grass, a hybrid bermudagrass that was grown in Eloy, Arizona and is popular on sports fields and golf courses. The Brewers opted for stolonizing—or planting sprigs and spreading soil over them—on the outfield, to help keep on budget.

The project was done just in time for spring training season to start, and the Brewers got to enjoy their first game in the renovated stadium on February 26. Natina and West Coast Turf are proud to have been part of such an amazing Phoenix renovation project!

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