Gabion Mattresses along San Juan Road in Phoenix

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February 25, 2021
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Blending construction into desert landscaping

South Mountain Park/Preserve in Arizona is one of the largest city-manage parks in the United States. With more than 50 miles of trails and 16,000 acres, South Mountain offers amazing views of Phoenix.

With guidance under Phoenix City Council, their mission is to preserve South Mountain by restoring, managing and improving the park under the South Mountain Park Master Plan. To maintain the natural desert environment, Phoenix sourced sustainable and low maintenance materials. Natina was an ideal color solution for the gabion mattresses along the San Juan Road. Phoenix needed tan color for their rip rap to better match the light sand around the picturesque desert landscaping.

The San Juan gabion structures helped with road stabilization and erosion control where the existing structures were no longer functioning. Natina covered about 3000 square feet of rock along this path.

This proactive work ensures South Mountain is enjoyed by future visitors by preserving the natural features of the mountain for years to come.

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Project Name: South Mountain San Juan Trail Gabion 20

Materials applied with Natina Rock Solution: Gabion Mattress, Rip Rap

Client: City of Phoenix

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