Grand Canalscape Metal Surfaces with Natina Steel Solution

Hidden Valley Lake, CA Roundabout and Natina Concrete Solution
July 19, 2022
Idaho Substation Fence Project with Natina Steel Solution
April 8, 2022

For years, the Salt River Project (SRP) has been using over 130 miles of canals throughout Phoenix to deliver much-needed water to the area. Recently, SRP partnered with the City of Phoenix to develop the paved pathway along the Grand Canal. This would double as a recreational area where locals and visitors would feel welcome to walk, run, or bike. Now the 12-mile path features lights, architectural elements, seating areas, and even artwork.

As part of the efforts to make the pathway aesthetically appealing, Natina was asked to treat and beautify the steel and rock along the Canalscape to improve the visual impact. We applied Natina Steel Solution to the steel posts, light posts and gabion baskets on both sides of the bike and pedestrian pathway. We also added Natina Rock Solution to the rocks along the Canalscape, taking them from light gray to natural brown hues so they’d better match the desert scenery.

Our team was excited to be part of this major project in Phoenix, and we’d be happy to be part of yours, too. If you want to give your steel, rock, or concrete a more rustic look that fits in with nature, contact Natina today to find out how we can help

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