Handrails with Form and Function in Mariposa, CA

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This story takes place in the quaint little community of Mariposa, California, where the terrain ranges from grassy rolling hills to alpine-like mountains — without a stoplight in sight.1 In the center of it all, you find cute little Main Street America anchored right on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park.

You can imagine how in a place interconnected with nature, silver handrails might stick out—especially under California’s sunny skies and the small town’s white-picket-fence vibe. That’s where we came in. Our team of natural patina pros went to work to color 400 linear feet so that the railing now matches its natural surroundings and doesn’t take away from any of the charm.

By using Natina on the handrails, Mariposa visitors and citizens now have form and function in the palm of their hands. That’s because our product is not only rustic but is applied to galvanized steel, which extends the life of this vital infrastructure. The next time you’re in Mariposa, we hope we can lend you a hand while you’re enjoying this historic Gold Rush town.

Want to know more about this little slice of paradise? Visit the Mariposa website.

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1 https://www.mariposacounty.org

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