Hidden Valley Lake, CA Roundabout and Natina Concrete Solution

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November 4, 2022
Grand Canalscape Metal Surfaces with Natina Steel Solution
April 8, 2022

Hidden Valley Lake Hidden Valley Lake Hidden Valley Lake Hidden Valley Lake Hidden Valley Lake Hidden Valley Lake Hidden Valley Lake

The area around Hidden Valley Lake in California is known for being peaceful and picturesque. But for years, an intersection in the community was considered hazardous due to accidents. This is why Caltrans District 1 opted to overhaul the intersection by adding a roundabout, better lighting, easier crosswalks and enhanced drainage to improve safety and traffic flow. At the same time, it was crucial to maintain the aesthetics of the area, so Natina was hired to make improvements to various concrete surfaces near the roundabout.

In particular, our team applied Natina Concrete Solution to the stamped concrete, island paving, precast slope paving and the border of the rock blanket. Local artists helped design the roundabout to complement the flora and fauna of the area with every detail thought of, and our team assisted by giving the brand-new concrete an earthy brown shade that matches the environment. Natina Concrete Solution reacts with the minerals that are already in the concrete, so it’s a natural way to help gray concrete blend in with their surroundings instead of looking out of place.

When we took on this project, we worked hard to promote visual impact mitigation in the beautiful Hidden Valley Lake community. If you’d like for us to do the same for your project, contact us today to get started.

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