Idaho Substation Fence Project with Natina Steel Solution

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April 8, 2022
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February 25, 2021

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Substations are necessary for supplying power to local businesses and homes, but they’re not necessarily appealing to the eye. Fortunately, our team can change that by using Natina Steel Solution to help metal fencing around substations blend in and help with the project’s visual impact. And that’s exactly what we did for an Idaho substation that was surrounded by a picturesque scene of mountains covered with lush, towering trees.

The goal was to ensure the nearby area could maintain access to electricity without losing any of its natural beauty. While there was a security fence around the substation, the shiny galvanized steel would stand out against the backdrop of nature and create a stark contrast that would stand out. As a result, we applied Natina Steel Solution to over 150 mesh panels, along with steel posts, gates, barbed wire, caps, braces, and hardware on the fence. This gave the steel barrier a rustic, mottled brown finish that now blends in perfectly with Idaho’s landscape.

In the end, the client was very happy with our visual mitigation efforts. If you’re interested in getting the same results for your commercial project, contact us today for an estimate!

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