Natural Brown Steel Barrier System Enhances Scenery and Trails at Lion’s Park, Moab, Utah with Natina Steel Solution

Highway Chain-link and Toad Fence with Natina Steel Solution
April 19, 2020
Gabion Mattresses along San Juan Road in Phoenix
February 23, 2020

Lion's Park near Moab, Utah is known for its beautiful scenery and amazing trails. For this project, Horrocks Engineers specified Natina to create a rustic, brown finish on the steel barrier system to better blend into the surrounding terrain. The park took extra measures to minimize the construction impact to maintain the picturesque backdrop. Unlike painting or powder coating, Natina is a natural and low maintenance color solution. Natina Steel Solution is protected because the galvanized steel layer. Additionally Natina Rock Solution was used to naturalize the rock and gabion baskets and systems to help with the aesthetics of the area.

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