Natina’s Seamless Integration of Natural-Looking Lattice Towers in Virginia

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Lattice Towers with Natina Aerial View Lattice Towers with Natina in middle Lattice Towers with Natina on a Mountain Forest Aerial View 7M41510 Morning shot with Lattice Tower and Natina Foggy morning with Lattice Tower and Natina Lattice Towers with weathering steel alternative steel Lattice Towers with Natina Front View steel Close Up Lattice Towers with Natina steel Lattice Towers with Natina Front View steel Lattice Towers in the distance with Natina Finish steel Lattice Towers with Natina and substation in distance

At Natina, we take pride in our expertise as natural color treatment specialists. We had the privilege of undertaking many remarkable projects, but this one in Virginia showcases our commitment to integrating functionality and aesthetic appeal. Through our innovative Steel Color Solution, we transformed over 50 lattice towers that reduce their visual impact while maintaining their functionality.

Our natural reactive color process played a pivotal role in the success of the lattice towers in Virginia. We aimed to minimize the disruption to the area's scenic beauty while providing a practical energy solution. With our technical knowledge, we set a new standard for future developments by bridging infrastructure requirements and aesthetics to the landscape.

Natina is an eco-friendly color solution expert, manufacturer, and contractor dedicated to creating transmission projects that embrace harmony with the environment. The outcome is a remarkable example of our commitment to developing energy projects that serve their purpose and enhance the natural beauty of their surroundings. Want to learn how we can change the way you see transmission projects? Contact us at 866-959-8421 or email us at to learn more about visual impact and your project.

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