Our Patina Finish on Guardrail in Arkansas

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March 1, 2023
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February 6, 2023

Nestled along the Mulberry River out on Highway 215 in Johnson County, Arkansas, you’ll find recent work completed by Natina. The Mulberry River, which stretches approximately 55 miles, is known for its wild and charming beauty. And it’s popular with tourists, especially during spring when its strong currents and sharp turns make it a hot spot for water activities.

Unfortunately, a mudslide occurred near the river, causing an embankment to collapse. In response, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department worked to create proper infrastructure to rebuild the embankment. Then Natina was recommended to address the appearance, so the area could still look as natural as possible in its Ozarks setting.

Natina used its unique patina finish to blend the new infrastructure into its surroundings. And as a bonus, the galvanized metal adds additional integrity to the structure, protecting it from the wet conditions near the Mulberry River. Now, as you drive along Highway 215, you can focus just on the wild and scenic charm, instead of the embankment’s infrastructure.

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