Phoenix Zoo and Natina’s work on the Warty Pig Metal Enclosure

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Long-lasting, Natural Color at the Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo contacted Natina to find a natural, non-toxic colorant for the warty pig exhibit. Natina was approved and reviewed by the their zoologist to ensure the pigs would be safe around our product. Additionally, they wanted the metal fence finish to complement the zoo's landscaping and last for years. With the pigs brushing against the fencing, the color blended in perfectly and gave them, and the patrons, a beautiful enclosure.

Our rustic color is a mottled and distinguished finish that lasts and does not fade, crack or peel from sun exposure, especially for the Phoenix rays.

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Project Name: Warty Pig

Materials applied with Natina: All galvanized parts including fencing, poles, end caps and hardware

Client: Phoenix Zoo