Pittman Wash Trail Improvement Project

Lake Mead Fence Staining Solution by Natina Products
Lake Mead Project
April 19, 2018
Banks Lowman Steel Fence Natural Colorant Process
Banks Lowman Rockfall Hazard
April 19, 2018

The City of Henderson in Nevada recently embraced the Natina Steel Solution for coloring their fences to beautify their trail system. In seeking a rustic yet low-maintenance metal option, they found Natina to be the ideal choice. This solution provided a durable, attractive finish that perfectly complements the natural surroundings of the trails.

At Natina, we believe in the integration of construction with the natural environment. With our innovative approach, the fences in Henderson are now a seamless part of the landscape, enhancing rather than detracting from the scenic views. This successful project is a testament to how Natina bridges the gap between practical infrastructure needs and maintaining the natural beauty of outdoor spaces. If you're looking to achieve similar results in your community or project, contact us today.

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