Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Bridge Railing

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July 19, 2022
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April 8, 2022

Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon

Nevada is home to miles of natural beauty, with one example being the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Known for unique features like red sandstone rock formations and petroglyphs, it’s no surprise that this area gets over 2.5 million visitors annually along its 13-mile Scenic Loop Drive. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area has dramatically increased in popularity recently, so the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been enhancing this area. For this project, Natina was glad to partner with the BLM by helping to blend the new bridge and sign structures into this striking landscape.

Our team applied Natina Steel Solution to the railing of two bridges that were created to help solve the flooding issue this area has experienced in the past. While the steel railings are necessary for safe crossing, it was important to reduce the visual impact of the project on the view of the surrounding desert. The shiny, gray steel of the bridge railings did not fit the aesthetic of the Mojave Desert. That’s where Natina Steel Solution came in to create a rustic brown finish that better fits the natural colors of the area.

After years of working on projects in the desert, forests and beyond, our team understands the effects that constant sunlight can have on metal. Fortunately, Natina Steel Solution lasts and does not fade, crack or peel. So, if you’re interested in giving the steel in your project mottled brown hues for years, contact us to request information from our solution team.

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