Revere Golf Club Rock in Henderson, NV

McCullough Hills Trailhead, NV – Excavated Rock
May 31, 2018
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Paseo de Iglesias, AZ – Gabions
May 31, 2018

To address water conservation concerns, Revere Golf Club in Henderson, NV, made a strategic decision to replace large expanses of grass with rock. However, the bright, gray color of the newly placed rocks was met with reservations from local residents, who felt the white tones were in stark contrast to the surrounding natural landscape. To remedy this, Natina was applied to several acres of rocks and boulders, effectively bringing out rich, earthy brown hues that blend with the environment.

Natina stands out from conventional stains or pigments due to its unique natural chemical reaction with the minerals in the rocks. This patented process results in a reactive color that is not only low maintenance safe around plants and animals. Our commitment to eco-conscious solutions extends to all our products, ensuring they are natural and non-toxic. Let Natina help you achieve a sustainable and visually appealing outcome for your project. Connect with us.

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