Sonoqui Wash Steel Project

Natina Steel Staining Solution Palm Desert Guard Rail
Highway 74 in Palm Desert, CA
January 13, 2019
Pedestrian Railings Natina Stain Solutions
Pedestrian Railing for Lindsey Creek to Starvation Creek Trailhead in Oregon
December 17, 2018

Natina Steel Solution was used to permanently stain and color the trash racks access barriers, and grates on this project in Arizona. The unique rustic brown finish blends beautifully in the desert landscape and helps the aesthetics of the Sonoqui Wash. The lasting color will not fade, crack or peel because the hot desert sun. The best part is that Natina Steel costs less than traditional pigment based colorants with little to no maintenance needed. Looking for a way to change the rock, concrete or metal on your project? Call us at 877-762-8462 or email us at to learn more about Natina Steel Solution.

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