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Natina: Reaching Those Hard-to-Reach Places

In 2016, a project to raise the San Vicente Dam in San Diego County was completed as part of the San Diego County Water Authority’s Emergency and Carryover Storage Project.

San Vicente is a deep, steep-sided reservoir on San Vicente Creek, approximately 25 miles northeast of San Diego. It’s one of the largest reservoirs in city limits and, when filled, has a depth of 306 feet. For a climate like San Diego, this water is precious and much needed!

To minimize the impact of construction efforts, nearly all the concrete was produced on-site to reduce delivery truck trips through city limits. We’re talking the reduction of 100,000 LOADS driving back and forth through residential areas. And the rocks used in the concrete were from the nearby hillsides circling the old marina.

Once the project was complete, the stark gray concrete needed to blend in. Here’s where we come in. Natina Concrete Solution was applied for a seamless look to give this job the perfect finishing touch. We colored and treated cut slopes to keep the terrain natural-looking for the new roadway. We also applied Natina to the shotcrete areas on various areas that are typically hard to reach.

We love having the services, solutions, and team to tackle such projects. We truly think the results speak for themselves. Wouldn’t you agree, it looks dam good? Sorry, but we HAD to say it! Connect with us and learn how we can help your project needs.

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