Design Professionals

We have Natina Color Solutions for all types of companies, industries and fields. There’s a group of people we have an affinity for. These individuals we call “design professionals”. Design professionals are landscape architects, engineers, designers and any professional that cares about aesthetics and the appearance of what they are building, creating or leading. You are at the core of what we believe in — changing what is seen in the construction, highways, parks and recreation, transportation, transmission and more.

Natina is unique since it’s a natural, earthy brown alternative to weathered steel, integral concrete, pigments, paints or traditional colorants. We are an environmentally-safe and non-toxic color option for your rock, concrete or galvanized steel project. Our professional staff applies Natina for a mottled and varied brown finish. Natina speeds up the patina process that nature takes years to accomplish.

How can we help your commercial or industrial project? Contact us to get Natina’s specifications, high quality design files or Safety Data Sheets (S.D.S.). Call us at 877-762-8462 or email us at

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